Mr. Roboto and Cohorts Show Posters

This image was created as part of a Monotype triptych. It is a one of a kind image painted onto glass and then transferred onto printmaking paper. Thanks for viewing!

3rd Robot in the Mr. Roboto and Cohorts Triptych

3rd Robot in the Mr. Roboto and Cohorts Triptych

3rd Robot in the Mr. Roboto and Cohorts Triptych.
These are the posters for my solo art show. The 5×7 showcards are a little bit different. It’s a week away and Im very nervous!


Tip of the Hat to Claus Oldenburg

ALA ~PVCC’s Fundamentals of Design II class I bring to you: Pop Art

PVCC Design II Class Pop Art Display

Mine is the Scrabble Board. I have laid a quarter on it on the left hand side to show scale. Ignore the faculty display sign- that is to announce the show currently in the gallery.

  • Mascara * Watch * Antique Key * Lightbulb * Starbucks Cup * McDonalds French Fries *Pin Cushion * Fishing Lure * Wire Wisk * Flashlight * Lemon *
  • High Heeled Shoes* Scrabble *


Close up of my Scrabble Board- I had to take some creative liberties- otherwise the board would have measured 6.2 feet if I made it to the scale of the tiles. lol

Scrabble Board that would suit Roald Dahl's BFG :-)

I hope “The Dude” will be pleased. 🙂

In the Ring: Corel Paintshop Pro 2 vs. Photoshop Elements

Lets me preface this arguement first by stating this post is not based on technical details. So you computer geeks are going to be sadly disappointed if you are looking for a hard core comparison! 🙂

That being said;

 I think Both programs are awesome. I not only have Photoshop  Elements 7  but I have the good ole Photoshop 7 too. I cant afford Photoshop CS4 and even if I could, honestly it just has to many bells and whistles that I’d not be able to dedicate the time to ever figuring out how use anyways, so I’ll stick with what I have for now. If it aint broke- dont fix it.

I just recently got the Corel PaintShop Pro 2 and I have messed around with it less than 30 minutes total and it is pretty amazing and lots of fun to work with. I mean you could get lost in there for hours messing with just one photo and having a blast. I spent about 5 minutes on this photo. Didnt do anything other than apply a filter and adjust the contrast, so you get to see me as is here, sunspots and all!

If you want a fun program with lots of  bang for your 99 bucks give this bad boy a spin. You wont be disappointed.

It's me- only old-timey! ;-)

Oh really now, you think you dare? Then I’ll blast you with the Ray Gun from under my Chair!

 Currently in progress on the desk of the mad scientist is:

Ray Guns!

Ray Guns is a monochromatic screen print project involving 5 different layers that gradually build up the intensity and detail of the print.Total printed image size is approx 10×12″. Step 2 progress is pictured below and I am now currently preparing step 3 4.(New Pictures to follow!)

  1. Soap Resist……………Lightest Texture Background

  2. Drawing Fluid………….Second Darkest Color, first image of guns

  3.Painting with screen filler…. in progress.  Done!!

  4. Crayon Resist …in progress.  Done!!

  5. Photo-emulsion … in progress.



This will be available in a limited edition run of 10 prints. Signed

& numbered edition prints will be available for purchase.




 End of 2nd layer- little hard to see the background texture layer in this photo.

Zap, Pow!

Zap, Pow!


Currently in progress on the desk of the mad scientist is:

Ray Guns!

Origami to Inspire- by master folder: Takashi Hojyo

Origami: The Japanese Art of Paper Folding.

While it is far far above my current origami skill level,I have the folding diagram and it is a goal of mine in 2009 to complete this beautiful seated buddha created by Takashi Hojyo.

Origami Buddha

It’ll Be a Baby Bootie Bonanza!

Several of my PBS Divas are expecting little ones so Auntie Diva Dawn (AKA Ouiser) has made it my mission to knit some baby booties to warm the tootsies of those precious babes to be.

To prepare, I went yarn shopping this weekend at the local yarn store- strolled through the isles and these are the 3 yarns I fell in love with. They are super soft and in such pretty colors too! One looks blue in the photo however it is a pretty hue of blue/lavender. I figured at least one of the babies will be a girl, and the other 2 colors could go either way; Boy or Girl.  🙂

Baby Bootie Bonanza- Say that 3 times really fast!

Silk Neck Candy

Details on this Yummy Little Number:

  1. Pattern is from Luxury Yarn One-Skein Wonders by Judith Durant
  2. Knit with a super soft silk yarn with a single golden thread woven throughout on size 7 addi-turbos.
  3. Button closures are silver little bees

Silk Neck Candy

Detail Shot of the Itty Bitty Bees Below:


It was very fun to knit and quite relaxing once you get a handle on the pattern repeat. 🙂 Enjoy. Comments Welcome!